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Handgun Choice

By STEVEN THOMAS October 28, 2017

I got the good news Thursday that my Glock 43 OD Green pistol had come in. As I went to pick it up Friday I contemplated whether I had made a good decision in buying a short barreled gun. Most people who know me know that I preach that a defensive handgun is best with a minimum 4 inch barrel. This all comes from the old school thought of Elmer Keith who advised the FBI that a 3 inch 38 special would not be wise and that a 4 inch would have better terminal ballistics. That was a long time ago. So as I pick up my Glock 43 I ask for a box of range ammo and a box of Speer Gold Dot 124 grain. I stepped into the range, set the target at 20 feet, and proceed to test my new short barreled Glock. At 3.39 inches of barrel length I had my doubts. Not so. The Glock was extremely accurate and, of course, functioned flawlessly. The trigger was better than I thought it would be and to top it off I like the OD green. What more could I ask for in a carry gun? I liked it so much I’m already thinking of buying another, but the boss said no.


I say all this to get to this point. If you don't like the handgun you bought to carry then you won't carry it. I get asked all the time about what gun I would recommend for concealed carry and my answer is always the same. Go to a gun store that has a lot of firearms and fondle all of them until you find one that just “fits” you. Don’t worry about size, color, or the opinion of all those around you. Make a clear educated choice in your own mind. Leave the store and go do some research on the one you like. If you can barrow one from a friend or rent it at the range and shoot before you buy that is always a wise choice. Take your time. Choose the make, model, and caliber that you decide then go buy it and shoot it often. Shooting is a perishable skill so take a class, find a private instructor, or maybe try shooting some local competitions. You would be amazed at what you learn and the fun you can have just practicing.  Always remember to be educated, proficient, and above all be safe.

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