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Something to consider as you carry.

By Fusion Holster May 27, 2019

Good day to all. First and foremost, on this Memorial Day, I would like to take the time to remind everyone to never forget the sacrifices of those who have stood, and those who still stand in the defense of our great nation. Remember those who have fallen. Remember those who still remain and can’t forget.        

I had the opportunity to go to the range the other day and teach a young SRT sniper. As a former operator myself, long-range and pistol shooter, and Deadly Force Instructor I had some pearls of wisdom I wished to impart. He was already a good shot, but from time to time I would remind him to calm down, focus, and don’t rush the shot. These are the things that anyone with an understanding of basic rifle skills could have said. The one thing that I wanted to impart to him is something we all need to realize when we carry a firearm. Your mindset. Whether you are an SRT sniper, SWAT entry team, high level security, or the everyday citizen, when you squeeze that trigger in defense of life you OWN that bullet. For the SRT sniper it is no different than it is for the average citizen. You must be able to articulate why you did what you did. I hear so many times that if you are justified you will just simply go home, and life will be as it was. People who think this way have no recollection of news stories from the past. Average citizens as well as law enforcement have done what they thought was the right thing in a bad situation only to find themselves facing charges or at the very least an investigation. This is not a position anyone of us ever wish to be in. So, I leave you with this thought. If, God forbid, you should ever be faced with a situation where you must use your gun in defense of life, remember you may have to convince twelve random people (the jury) that they would have done the same thing in your shoes…….. Something to consider as you lawfully carry.

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