Your Ammo

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I spend quite a lot of time doing what most gun lovers do and that is look at guns. My wife calls it window shopping. I don't think she understands. However, like most, I have my ears open at the gun counter to pick up on the latest topics and advice being given by the salesman, which is a topic for another time. Most choose a handgun for the caliber be it a .380 for lite recoil or a .45 for its knockdown power, but beyond that I rarely ever hear anyone ask with the same level of interest about the best personal defense round to carry. I believe we have lost sight of what the facts are. The fact is that unless you intend on defending yourself by using the gun as a club, the gun doesn't stop anything. At best it will be a deterrent which I do not recommend. It is the bullet that you choose to carry that ultimately stops the deadly threat. So I will leave you with this thought. Take a little time do some research on ballistics. See which personal defense round preforms best in the caliber and firearm you have chosen and carry that. You should feel equally as confident in your ammunition as you do your handgun. Be legal, be educated, be proficient, and above all be safe!

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